World Trade Plaza Hotel is a five star hotel development approved by National Project Committee, Foreign Economic & Trade Department and National Tourism Bureau.It is located in a prime area right in the center of the city.3 Kilometers from the Railway Station and 38 Kilometers from Zhengding Airport.The total capital investment of the building is at RMB690million; with a construction area of 70,000 square meters.The main building has 28 leves and 2 basements;the annerx building has 5 levels and 3 basements.Built to a modern design,the property management systems including the life Safety System,commissioned for the whole building,are of the highest standards expected of a 5 star hotel.


        World Trade Plaza Co., Ltd. is a multiple use building including the Hotel,Restarurants,Retail Space,Fitness Center,Sauna & Recreation Center and Office space for rental.


        World Trade Plaza Hotel has been developed by Shijiazhuang Guoda Group Co., Ltd. and Hebei Construction Investment Company. The Shijiazhuang Guoda Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive commercial enterprise, it's business includes Hotels , Real Estate, Food and Commerce. The Hebei Construction Investment Company, a subsidiary of the Hebei Government was established in 1988. It is the principal investment in basic in frastructure and Industry as well as high-technology Industry also the management of state owned assets.


        Meaning of the logo:

        The golden shape in the logo represents the sunrise, a new beginning.

        "W"stands for:

        The first letter of "World Trade Plaza", representing the name of the Hotel.

        The first letter of "Welcome & Warmhearted", meaning is a warm welcome to all our guests.

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